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Because of its close connection with basic tasks and activities of the archival service on the whole, the library is a very important organizational unit of every Archives. In order to explain the archives and to make easier their classification and analysis, the book holdings of the library must be in direct or indirect connection with the records of the Archives.

By the establishment of the Archives and archival service on this territory, at the same time, the collecting and supplying of books, especially those that were used by expert associates for successful performing of activities began, and after that more complete services to the users of the library holdings were given and especially employees from the field of science and research.

So, in a relative short period, in the Archives, library holdings that enabled the functioning of the library of the Archives were created.

The library of the Archives belongs to a group of special libraries.

Today the library has 13.950 library units (10.547 books and 3.403 periodical publications). The supplying of publications is made by buying, gifts, purchase as well as the acceptance of an obliged sample.

The structure of library holdings is made of:

  • books - first of all from the field of general and national history, auxiliary historical sciences with the accent on archival science of law, politics, public administration, statistics, philosophy, geography, etnology, museum science, literature, education, librarianship, religion ....
  • titles of periodicals - official gazettes, anthologies and heralds of law, informative gazettes, magazines from the field of culture, art and education, stenographic reports on the work of organs of the authority, as well as periodic publication from the field of history, archival science ...
  • dictionaries and manuals, calendars, certificates of service of institutions and companies and various events, lexicons, bulletins, statutes, regulations, decrees of associations and organizations, monographies, jubileery editions, school reports, catalogues of exhibitions, etc.

The whole library holdings are classified according to an alphabetical, an expert and a title catalogue, and a subject catalogue is in a process of production. The library holdings are constantly used by the employees from the field of science and research, pupils and students, and also the expert associates of the Archives use them as reference literature.

The right on using of the library holdings have all citizens. The use of the holdings is free of charge (see the Book of regulations on terms and the way of using of the records and the library holdings in the Archives of the Republic of Srpska).

The reading-room is open every working day 9.00-15.00.

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